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poker online – Play Online Poker and Win a Million Rupiah Reward prize

Chances are, you have seen at least one World Series of Poker event at the TV station. At the end of the decade, this competition has developed like a rocket going into space, and the first place can now be on an average of 10 million dollars. 10 million dollars if converted so you can reach several hundred million rupiah. As well as a large number of participants who won poker competitions, they started their game through online poker. From the online poker game, some winners get special tactics that can be used when following poker tournament in a direct manner.

agen poker online

Playing online poker is not like other bets because of a number of facts.

First, play poker in a direct way so you don’t play challenging the host or casino owner, but challenge the other person sitting at your desk. and, casinos do not produce money from the game but take what is meant by “commissions” from all banks. Actually, the rake is only the percentage of banks. Rake is generally only limited to its own number, so this means if the higher the bet you are playing, the lower the percentage of rake for each bank.

Second, unlike all other poker games, online poker agents will still win their own time. Some people who play online poker depend on their own skills, knowledge, and courage to earn money in playing card games. The main thing is, the more knowledgeable poker players have, the higher their experience in playing poker online so that more money will he made it from an online poker agent.

Third, the more time you play poker online, the more playing experience you find, as your experience grows rapidly so you can be sure to increase the number of your bets when playing because your potential and skills at play are above average like some other professional players.

Fourth, poker requires most members. Think for a moment, if there are nine players in all hands, your chance of winning is one in nine. If you become a referral in an online poker agent so you can also get one profit to be a referral.

But this opportunity is saved if you play a large percentage of hands. So, if you just have to win one of nine matches, that means you have to lose eight of nine matches. This is a big loss, and some people who can’t get these are some people who can’t make money in this exercise.

Some of the best players in the world who play at big events generally have what is meant by “Poker Sponsor”. Tickets for this competition can be at an average of $ 10,000, so it can be so expensive if you play 20 or 30 of them per year.

Therefore, the best players force other people to pay these costs and, in return, get some of the winning players if they really succeed in earning money from this competition.


In playing poker you take once a year to take part in the tournament held but it is so amazing to play poker online, because it is not only a tournament held but there are also events and promos that you can enjoy every day if you never visit a trusted online poker agent, so you have to check it. You don’t need to start with a lot of money like starting a game at a casino, at an online poker agent like the score88poker there are games where the stakes are 1 and 2 cents a match. By the way, start with the smallest levels of betting and learn to win, and level up, just like how many of the world’s best players do before playing in casinos they hone their potential well and set their skills through agen poker online.

Eric Robinson